Available Breads

natural sourdough culture, tangy taste, chewy texture

traditional style, thin, crisp crust

Light Rye
tangy, hearty, light rye - lightly seasoned with caraway
Seeded 7 Grainrobust blend of wheat, rye, corn, barley, flax, oats & millet

Italian flatbread with extra virgin olive oil made with three different toppings-
rosemary, onion and spice pepper blend, tomato and cheese

thin golden crust, tender interior with a blanket of crisp sesame seeds, nutty flavor

Venetian Olive
lightly spiced with hot pepper & herbs

Rustic Italian
crunchy crust veiled with flour, smokey flavor (baked at 500),
chewy interior with big irregular holes

Whole Wheat
soft crust veiled with oats, sweetened with honey

rosemary, romano, Evoo